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Updated: Sep 21

It was the night before Mother's Day several years back and I had asked about my gift, knowing there wasn't one. He told me that I get what I want and he was certain I could handle my own Mother's Day gift. He was right ;)

Idk how or what was the driving factor, but it was the cost that decided where. STL-SJC

leaving at 6am and returning at 10am the following day. I booked this at like 2am the day of departure, threw together a backpack, kissed kids on heads, didn't tell him, oops, and I was headed out with a 2 hour drive to stl.

As I was boarding plane my husband texts and tells me to get breakfast while I am out..

I text back BRB but not in time for breakfast.

Once in San Jose I was offered a Camaro or Mustang, I chose the Camaro.. cool looking car but on Cali roads it became hysterical.

I found Monterey Bay, took a walk on the beach, drove up the coastal hwy to the Golden Gate Bridge, and back to San Jose before sleeping until my flight.

It was like 10pm by the golden gate before my husband text asking what in world not knowing where in the world, and when I told him and finally convinced him I was in California.. he was a little upset but when I assured him I would b home asap in morning he recovered pretty quickly.

It was a dream come true for me that I have repeated about every other year Never again for one night only, but always for 2 nights.

Seattle, Florida, California.

it's been a couple years....

Collage of travel pics, Hollywood Beach Florida, Monterey Bay California, Golden Gate Bridge and field of flowers California , Space needle, Ferris whelel and street scene  Seattle

i believe It is just as recuperative and hella cheaper treatment option compared with hospitalization or jail when feeling Stessed out.

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