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Enjoy the moment Airplane!!

My spouse went to work, he's down to that final week finally building a school in CoMo and it's overdue so it's crunch time for him. My right arm and hand have started waking me with Severe pain suddenly this week. Heat is all that helps. So I fell asleep in shower midnight earlier this week and I fell So hard I dislodged the faucet head w my ribs, fortunately I didn't break any. The pains have lessened las couple now that I have had my morning whine...

I just woke to the sound of AirplaneS outside!!

"And I'm just like "Damn it's 7am" -Taylor Swift

Today is the Airshow in Jefferson City!! :)))

My arm is heated, the sound of planes is too Awesome. Three kids to wake and excite;

it's go time.

That was an awesome motivator to hear those planes. We must hold tightly to those things that bring us joy especially when we feel robbed of too much.

Yay! He's home w breakfast!

Whine then Dine :))

Living Life!

It's gonna be a Fly Day!!

Music by Taylor Swift!

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