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Do It Yourself

Updated: Sep 21

Anything you can do I can do better..

It's a great song, good motivator, competitive and I love a friendly competition..

I can't do it better.

But I have something many are lacking now.

Will and determination.

I will fail the first try, guarantee

The second time I will know the tools I need.

Third try is a charm most of time but some crap I try may go as high as 5 tries..

With the birth of my oldest child, and the birth of Pinterest so was my DIY birth.

In the early Pinterest years, I tried it ALL! Making play do, stenciled everything,

unicorn spitting furniture, weaving door hangers, melting crayons, it was some colorful years. .

Then I had my 3rd child in February, and I didn't make it to my 6week checkup and suddenly I could t feed her myself, and was weak and went to doctor, that one time we tried a bit to soon...

her younger Brother was born in December..

TOO much baby inside,

I took my DIY outdoors... Yard Decor 🥰

Then came the Vortexes.. 🌪🌪🌪

And I found my niche. Water!! 💦🌊💧

Waterwalls, and creek beds, waterfalls..

If you start getting too hyper a wet finger and water pump cord will shock you back to reality..

I have too many crappy wreaths, and a blue buffet stained with koolaid, still enjoy decorating my yard for holidays, and will always have an extra vortex bowl.

I was frustrated last night, had to work it out.

Before I knew it I had thrown together a wishing well.

I have to add a title page each day for each section that will be on this blog.

The well isn't exactly diy, but it kinda is and just seemed a swell way to tie this post up. Ttyl

you get the idea, they start rough rough

🪄Make A Wish🪄💰why no coin emoticon??

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