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Updated: Sep 21

Becoming a parent..

One of life’s greatest accomplishments.

I used to believe.

Is it though?

 It may seem that way to those who want a child but have difficulty conceiving.

 But stupid people are breeding everywhere 🤣 sorry but I find that statement funny. 

Its not rocket science and most of us aren’t thinking when we conceive.

It does take a lot of patience, money, time, prayer, and luck..

But it is accomplished by many.

I love my children, all 5 of them.

When I was 25 though with no kids; I would of laughed my way outta any fortune teller who would have told me I will have 5! One day. 

I have 2 teen boys from a previous marriage, and 2 daughters and a son with my husband now. He has older daughters also.. We are anything but the Brady bunch. We have only had all 7 together once at Christmas the year my youngest daughter was born, 2018.

I have been asked why I don't refer to his kids as my kids.. it's because I'm not their mother. They have the best possible mom for them, Theirs.

Sisters and brothers are sisters and brothers,

obviously some can run for a while if they like but end of day we are Family.

These kids are an amazing dynamic crew though and I can’t wait to see what the future holds as they grow into adulthood.

My own birthday is in a week, I will be 44yo, my husband is 46yo and our children range from 22yo-4yo. All 5 of my kids have never known a preschool, daycare or babysitter..They had mom.

I kept em all alive until school age, soo far..

10months left til Charlea starts. 

7 children sitting on couch together; 3 boys and 4 girls

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